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10th May 2023 | Welcome Roseanne, our Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP)

Roseanne photoFeeling stressed or worried?
Having difficulty making changes to improve your health?

If you are willing to try something different, come and see Roseanne our Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) Appointments with Roseanne are fully funded, please call the practice to find out more and book an appointment.


7th February 2023 | Practice Update

Thank you for your patience as we work through the workforce challenges at Coastal Medical Rooms. We are all still reeling from the loss of our dear Colleague Malcolm Dyer, on top of an already depleted work force, and the tail end of a pandemic. To date we have been unable to employ another General Practitioner. There is no one on the horizon at present, but we continue to advertise and hope this may alter. This is a nationwide problem.

In the meantime, we have decided the most sensible way forward is to share the current registered patient lists of Dr Dyer and Dr Marx-Sinik between the three remaining partners at Coastal Medical Rooms. The care of all registered patients will be managed collectively by Drs Davis, Lavery and Watters (Partners) along with Dr Alice Zwart (Associate) who has a special interest in Women's Health, and Dr Meaburn Staniland and Dr John Hardie Boys who are both providing locum services.

Urgent appointments will be assessed by the acute doctor of the day and may result in an appointment either on the day, a later date, or you may be redirected to one of our Health Care Team such as a Practice Nurse, Clinical Pharmacist, Health Improvement Practitioner or Health Coach for care. We will be utilising our extended care team for routine clinical reviews to allow an increase in appointment availability so that we can meet your needs. Routine appointments can be booked with any doctor via myindici or phoning reception. Be aware there will be delays seeing a doctor, so try and plan ahead.

We respectfully remind you a routine appointment is 15 minutes - one problem per appointment. If you need more than one issue addressed, or you are aware the issue is complicated, you will need to call the practice to book a longer appointment. This will help keep us running to time as everyone's time is valuable.

Practice Plus continues to be an option for virtual consultations and can be booked at any time for an afterhours appointment. To find out more, visit their website:

For afterhours, please continue to phone Coastal Medical Rooms on their usual number 04 902 9200 where your call will be redirected to our afterhours service. You will receive advice and direction to appropriate medical support.

In an emergency, dial 111.

Please be aware there may be increased turnaround times for prescriptions and email requests.

If you no longer live in our area, please consider registering with a GP closer to home. A list of practices enrolling new patients can be found on the following links:

We will regularly review how we work as a team to ensure your health needs are being met. You will be updated of any workforce changes if, and when they occur.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Paul Davis, Dr Jan Lavery & Dr Rachel Watters
GP Partners - Coastal Medical Rooms


18th January 2023 | Practice Update

Coastal Medical Rooms will be closed on Wednesday 18th January 2023 from 12.30pm to 5pm. Your call will be diverted to our afterhours service where you will be triaged by a nurse who will assess your needs. Alternatively Practice Plus offer an afterhours Telehealth Service which can be accessed directly from this link: Practice Plus. For anything non-urgent, please call back during our usual hours. For an emergency, dial 111

Normal hours will resume from Thursday 19th January. Thank you for your understanding.


12th December 2022 | Practice Update - Dr Malcolm Dyer

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the unexpected death of our colleague and friend, Dr Malcolm Dyer, who passed away on 8th December. We will all miss him more than words can express and our sincere condolences go to Malcolm's family. For urgent medical needs please contact the practice directly and as always the Partners at Coastal Medical Rooms Dr Paul Davis, Dr Rachel Watters & Dr Jan Lavery, along with our other doctors Dr Alice Zwart, Dr John Hardie Boys and Dr Meaburn Staniland will continue to do our best to meet these. Please allow a little longer for routine requests and appointments. Please be patient with our staff. We have a dedicated reception team, nursing team, Health Improvement Practitioner, Health Coach and a Clinical Pharmacist to help support your health needs.

Dr Paul Davis, Dr Rachel Watters & Dr Jan Lavery


22nd July 2022 | Practice Update

Now more than ever, it's important to stay healthy. That means keeping up with preventive care and addressing any symptoms or conditions that may have come up over the past few months. Many of your health needs can be managed though virtual appointments with your GP (phone or video). You will still receive the same level of expert medical advice as you would if you were at the practice in person. If a phone or virtual consultation is not appropriate, for example if you have chest or abdominal pain, a face-to-face appointment can still be arranged.

Routine 15 minute appointments can be booked on myindici. Please consider a phone or virtual consultation when booking your appointment. Phone and virtual consultations are available with all our doctors. Normal consultation charges apply.

If your medical needs are of a more urgent matter or you are unable to find a suitable appointment on myindici, please call the practice so that our doctors and nurses can work with you to determine the best type of appointment for you.

In addition, a virtual after-hours consultation service called Practice Plus is available. This enables you to access a video consultation with a doctor if you have acute needs we cannot meet in a timely manner.

Covid-19 Protection Framework ORANGE

In Person Appointments: If your appointment is at the practice, we will continue to ask screening questions via the intercom. It's important that anyone with cold or flu symptoms, Covid Positive or a household contact of someone who is Covid Positive does not enter the practice.

If you develop cold or flu symptoms, are Covid Positive or a household contact of someone who is Covid Positive, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assess the best way to meet your health needs.

Face Masks: Face masks are a way we can protect ourselves and others. You should wear one whenever you can. Information on when to wear a facemask can be found here: When to wear a face mask | Unite against COVID-19 ( You must wear a mask at all times in the practice. If you hold a mask exemption, please advise the receptionist when you book your appointment and when you arrive. You may be asked to wait in your car. The GP or nurse will call you to assess your health needs and if required you may be seen in your car or our cabin.

Waiting Room: Our waiting room has limited capacity. Please arrive for appointments on time. If you arrive early, you may be asked to wait in your car or outside. If our doctors are running behind schedule, we will do our best to contact you, however this is not always possible.

NOTE: Standard appointments are 15 minutes to address a single query. If you have more than one query or the matter is complicated, or you are a new patient with a medical history unknown to us, you should phone the practice to book a longer appointment. Patients who attend with long lists of queries, should expect to have these resolved over several appointments, so we don't keep other patients waiting.


Covid 19 - Vaccinations & 2nd Booster

A second booster is recommended for those at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 - a minimum of 6 months after a first booster. Please visit Get your COVID-19 vaccination | Unite against COVID-19 ( to check eligibility. Covid vaccinations can be booked by phoning 0800 28 29 26 or online Book My Vaccine | Ministry of Health NZ ( Walk-in clinics are also available and details can be found on the book my vaccine website.

Flu vaccine

If you have not yet had your flu vaccine, please call us on 04 902 9200 to book. You may be eligible for a free flu vaccine. Please ask us, or visit Why it's important to get a flu jab | Ministry of Health NZ for more information.

Dr Moran Marx-Sinik

We are very sad to advise that Dr Moran Marx-Sinik will be leaving Coastal Medical Rooms in early September 2022. We have been unable to replace her so far. In the current national GP shortage, we have no real expectation of being able to do so in the short to medium term. The Partners at Coastal Medical Rooms, along with Dr Alice Zwart our associate GP (special interest in Women's Health) and Dr John Hardie Boys (experienced GP who provides locum services for us) will continue to do our best to meet your medical needs. We have a dedicated nursing team, Health Improvement Practitioner and a Clinical Pharmacist to help us support your health needs.

Afterhours - Practice Plus

From 1st September 2022, Practice Plus will be providing after hours services for Coastal Medical Rooms. This is accessed through our usual telephone number after-hours or directly through the Practice Plus link on our website Telehealth & Virtual GP Appointments New Zealand | Practice Plus Please do not go directly to Team Medical unless you have an accident as they will not be able to see you and will direct you to call our afterhours GPs.


Our fax is no longer in operation. Clinical information or queries can be emailed to and administrative queries to


Coastal Medical Rooms, 240 Mazengarb Road, PO Box 262 Paraparaumu, Phone 04 902 9200